How do you install the Friday Smart Lock?

The Friday Smart Lock is installed using your existing lock making installation easier and safer. Friday Smart Lock is a retrofit to the existing deadbolt lock. Only the thumb latch will need be changed. The exterior and actual lock cylinder/casing remains. Install the Friday Smart Lock by removing your existing thumb latch and installing the Friday Smart Lock using the same screws and mounting holes.

How long is the battery life, and how do I recharge or replace?

The Friday Smart Lock uses a special lithium battery that not only matches, but also exceeds the standard battery lifetime of 4xAA batteries, and reduces the size of the product substantially. In normal usage conditions, the battery life should last up to one year before needing to be replaced. When the battery runs low, Friday Labs will send an automatic notification so users have the time to replace. Replacement batteries can be purchased via the Friday Labs website.

What happens when there is an Internet or power outage?

The Friday Smart Lock functions without WiFi connection as it is 100% battery powered.  In case of no WiFi access, you can always communicate with the lock via Bluetooth.  This will limit the remote access functionality but will still allow you to open/close the lock.  Once WiFi access is re-established you will still have a complete log of all activity. 



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