What happens if my phone runs out of battery or I lose my phone? 

As the Friday Smart Lock leaves your existing lock intact, you can always open your door in the traditional way, with a key. Users will also be able to securely log in from another phone or device and issue commands to their lock from there. 

What if my phone is stolen?

If your phone is stolen you can immediately disable your own access through your web dashboard or you will be able to securely gain access via another phone or device.

The Friday Smart Lock works via Bluetooth and Wi-Fi. How secure is the connection?

The Friday Smart Lock uses the same encryption levels as international banks, making the system extremely secure.

If I give access to a visitor, what’s stopping them gaining access again at a separate time without permission?

The Friday Smart Lock allows you to issue electronic keys to any number of visitors. These keys can be temporary or permanent; you control the access terms, meaning visitors can only enter on the days and times you specify. The Friday Smart Lock app and dashboard allows you to control and track who has access.

The door unlocks automatically when it sees my phone. What happens if I’m at home and a stranger comes to the door, will the door automatically unlock?

The auto-unlock feature on the Friday Smart lock is optional and as such can be disabled at any time. In addition, the technology uses proprietary techniques to mitigate false unlocks from the interior side of the door.

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