How does the Friday Smart Lock work?

The Friday Smart Lock lets you open your door with your smartphone instead of your traditional key. Friday Smart Lock communicates with your phone via Bluetooth, detecting when you are nearby and opening the door automatically and hands free. Friday Smart Lock also allows you to give access to visitors remotely by sending them an e-Key to authorize them to unlock the door. The intended person can only use the e-Key at a particular given time. Users can also lock and unlock the door via Wi-Fi away from home

Where can you buy a Friday Smart Lock?

Currently people can pre-order a Friday Smart Lock via our Indiegogo campaign. After the Indiegogo campaign ends, Friday Smart Lock will be available directly from

When will the Friday Smart Lock be available?

The Friday Smart Lock is available to pre-order today via our Indiegogo campaign. Friday Labs is planning to ship the first orders late 2015.

Will the Friday Smart Lock be available worldwide?

Initially the Friday Smart Lock will be available in US and Scandinavia. Sesame Labs is working on supporting further lock systems, which it hopes to announce later in the year. 

Will I still be able to open my door manually?

Yes. The Friday Smart Lock replaces your existing thumb latch, but leaves the remainder of your existing lock intact. This means that you’ll still be able to open your door in the traditional way from both the inside and outside.

What size is the Friday Smart Lock?

The Friday Smart Lock is smaller than a cup of coffee and boasts the smallest dimensions of any retrofit lock on the market today. It takes much less space on your front door, measuring a max 80mm wide and 47.5 mm high in EU measurement and max 3,2 inches wide and 1,9 inches high in US measurement. 

Which lock formats does the Friday Smart Lock Support?

Right now the Friday Smart Lock supports the majority of standard US single and bored cylinder deadbolts. The lock also supports Scandinavian deadbolt systems. 

Which platforms does Friday Smart Lock support?

At launch the Friday Smart Lock will release apps for both Android and iOS platforms. The product will support additional mobile platforms, which will be released at a later date. 

How much does the Friday Smart Lock cost?

The Friday Smart lock has two product lines, a Baseline and a Premium line. The premium line uses more exclusive materials for the outer shell, but otherwise the products have the same functionality. Friday Baseline will cost $249 at retail and the premium materials will start at $349.


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    Angelo DePaolo

    The size info is out of date and there is no easy way to get a response from anyone regarding if my Schlage lock/latch is compatible or not.

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